Accounting Clerk/Bookkeeper

TITLE: Accounting Clerk / Bookkeeper

SALARY: $30,000 – $40,000

MAJOR FUNCTION: Maintain the financial records including accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll and general ledger accounts with GAAP standards. Performs work as assigned by the Chief Financial Officer (or designee) and reports to the Chief Financial Officer.



This position will help manage and maintain accurate record of the program’s budget and compile required financial reporting documents monthly, quarterly and annually for internal purposes and for different funding sources.. This position will help improve and maintain all related accounting procedures and general ledger accounts.


This position will ensure that the lending is registered accordingly in Quickbooks and that it accurately reflects the lending activity in our loan management program and management information system.

This position will have to stay abreast of new types of funding and reporting requirements associated to all funding received, and also help compile information and financial indicators and metrics to support fund procurement efforts, namely loan and grant applications.

This position will keep track of the loan portfolio cross referencing information with the Underwriting Department and will make sure the portfolio movements are accurately reflected in the accounting systems. Prepares regular billing and executes collections for customers who have delinquent loans; helps close and register re-payment arrangements, and forwards irreconcilable accounts for collector action. Help the Program Manager handle customer complaints and takes appropriate action to resolve them.

This position must understand all information within a consumer loan application, including borrower's financial ability, resources, credit score, and property evaluations in order to be able to act as a checks and balances of underwriting, when needed. This position must have the ability to explain to customers the different types of loans and credit options that are available, as well as the terms of those services. This position will select and work closely with the Delinquency Committee to review delinquent accounts and re-structuring of loans that need special treatment.

This position must manage payroll and ensure that the organization is current with all legal issues regarding taxes, insurance, payroll and other pertinent issues to the CDFI and non-profit status of SELF.


Minimum of bachelor’s degree in Accounting
Minimum 4 years of experience.
Non Profit experience preferred but not necessary.
Strong interpersonal skills, leadership and negotiation skills, team player.
Strong quantitative analytical skills, detail oriented.
Strong knowledge and experience with Quickbooks.
Excellent communication skills.

The Author

Reporting and New Project Officer

Jacqueline is currently earning her degree in Computer Science with a focus on Software Engineering. She gained experience with SELF by volunteering time to assist with DOE reporting, ARRA & County as well as internal reporting. She also assisted in the development of the new Management Information System (MIS). Due to her high performance, she was hired on a part time basis as the IT and Reporting Associate and is now performing several duties including; troubleshooting hardware/software issues, data management assistance, graphic design and web maintenance. She is also responsible for SELF’s internal “ RESULTS DASHBOARD” a well as completing reports to various government and funding organizations. Hudson works in close liaison with all staff members to collect information and reports to directly to the CFO as well as to the Executive Director when needed, on all aspects regarding data and systems.