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Advantage Roofing, Inc.

Roofing, weatherization, skylights, water barriers, shingle repair

Residential - (Orange, Seminole)

(407) 678-9721

Andros Contruction LLC

Offers about 98% of SELF's products (See product list. Does not install: Solar pool heaters, Solar hot water, PV Panels, Shutters and Fasteners, and Rain Water Barrels/Cisters.

Residential - (Saint Lucie, Martin, Indian River, Okeechobee, Palm Beach)

Commercial - Saint Lucie Only



(772) 475-4915

Budget Roofing Service, Inc.

Roofs, weatherization, skylights, shingle repair, water barriers, flashing.

Residential - (Polk, Hills, Osceola, Orange, Hardee)

(863) 967-6675

Builders Pride Construction Group, LLC

Solar Water Heater, weatherization, skylight, doors.
Residential - (Martin, Saint Lucie, Indian River)

Commerical - (Saint Lucie Only)

(772) 323-8759

Crowther Roofing

Roofing, weatherization, skylights & solar tubes.

Residential - (Pinellas county and south on the west, Brevard and south to the Keys on the east coast)

Commercial - (Saint Lucie Only)


(561) 624-9400